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Testimonials of PST trainees

Wonder what this program actually feels like? Here are some of the responses we’ve gotten from those who have done PST modules.

I completed the 4 Keys module at a particularly challenging time and the discipline of completing assignments along with the knowledge I received about communicating so directly with God, filled me with the strength and confidence I needed for that particular time and challenge. It was invaluable to me!

Julie Duncan

I found the two modules I completed [Communion with God and Hearing God Through Your Dreams] extremely helpful to my personal walk with the Lord, it's helped my intimacy with Him. Having a personal trainer was very encouraging and helpful.

Olivia Ralph

Flavien prayed for me so powerfully that, while he was praying and making prophetic declarations over me, my whole life flashed before my eyes. The Lord revealed where I need inner healing. This came as part of the "Prayers that Heal the Heart" course. It's life-changing.

Anthony Petrucci

The material is great. I had not issues hearing the Lord talk to me but the vision I needed to have developed. Mark did a wonderful job on tools to help develop vision. I finally got a movie!!

Belinda Seville

I believe when we discipline ourselves to devote time to the lessons taught, we are greatly benefited.

My trainer has been very helpful in discerning the question at stake in my life transpiring from the journals on which she has helped me each time, through wisdom. I am very grateful to her. I can see that she has prayed each time. She has encouraged me and shown me where she could see that the Lord had talked to me.

Irène Mancebo

[My trainer] always provided wisdom and insight. She was able to point back to the material and also offered additional information as a situation called for it. The Lord said of her as a trainer that she is like corn on the cob - sweet and juicy, enhanced with every flavor (like butter or salt). He is spot on with that metaphor!

April Z